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What do Bitcoin whales do to close the month of November?

Find out how Bitcoin whales are closing in November, and what trend they’re maintaining with BTC in early December 2020.

The Bitcoin whales have modified a little bit the action pattern they had maintained since the beginning of November with BTC. In this opportunity we bring you a summary of their activity from November 23rd to 29th. For this, we use the Whale Alert reports on Twitter as a reference.

These two are clear indications that the whales are looking to sell their BTCs by taking advantage of the boom that cryptology has had. However, it may also indicate that they smell a possible price decline, and perhaps seek to influence it.

During this week, Crypto Trader whales have mobilized a total of 76,802 BTCs through 58 operations. Unlike previous weeks, the prevailing trend was not one of accumulation but rather of introducing liquidity into the market. That is, the Bitcoin whales took their BTCs from unknown wallets to exchanges, and there was even quite a bit of movement from one exchange to another.

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Summary of Bitcoin whale activity in the last week of November

We recognize that 2020 has not been an easy year, and that the crypto market knows it. In the case of Bitcoin, we can say that it has been positive, because in spite of a big fall in March, today, one month before the end of the year, it is closer to its historical maximum than before.

For this same reason, it’s not surprising that we see this trend in Bitcoin whales where they stop accumulating and start selling. Up until the level of US$ 15,000 we were still watching the stockpiling, but now the roles have changed.

Specifically, 21,076 BTCs have been introduced in different exchanges from unknown wallets. Likewise, 22,076 BTCs have been moved from one Exchange to another. This represents 56.19% of the total mobilized.
Summary table of Bitcoin whale activity from November 23-29, 2020 Summary table of Bitcoin whale activity from November 23-29, 2020

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Flow of activity

Over the past seven days, Bitcoin whales have varied their flow of activity quite a bit. As the graph below shows, the busiest days were Tuesday 11/24 and Friday 11/27.
Flow of Bitcoin Whale Activity This Week Flow of Bitcoin Whale Activity This Week

These days were precisely the ones where BTC rebounded after brief setbacks. Over the weekend, BTC managed to consolidate over US$ 18,000. That’s why, according to CoinDesk, at the time of writing BTC has a value of US$ 18,084.19, which translates into an increase of 1.92% with respect to yesterday.

During this upturn, the activity of Bitcoin whales was almost zero.