Uniswap: First community proposal to reduce governance thresholds

Uniswap holds a vote on governance thresholds. The community decides.

The Uniswap community is currently voting for the first time. She has until October 19 for this.

To debate lower thresholds are here for submission of governance proposals and quorums

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion and criticism related to the governance framework of the Protocol. In a contribution from the market research platform Bitcoin Evolution, it was stated that with its current structure, only the centralized competitor of Uniswap Binance would be able to successfully submit a governance proposal. Although the latest proposal refutes this claim, the effectiveness of the framework remains questionable.

Uniswap governance currently requires parties wishing to submit proposals to hold 1 percent of the total UNI delegated offer. A quorum requires 4 percent to be able to agree. Since there is a supply of 1 billion UNI, these thresholds are 10 and 40 million tokens. At the current UNI exchange rate of around $ 3.30, that means you have to hold $ 33 million or $ 132 million.

That makes reaching consensus a difficult task

Dharma, a protocol that promises user-friendly access to DeFi for crypto beginners, has proposed lowering the threshold to 0.3 percent (or 3 million UNIs) and the quorum threshold to 3 percent (or 30 million UNIs). There are currently over 30 million yes-votes and 624,701 no-votes. The vote is still running for six days.

Uniswap continues to dominate the DeFi world in terms of both exchange volume and total value invested.