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Ether Poised to ‚Flippen‘ Bitcoin: 47% of Crypto Investors Predict

• A recent survey carried out by CryptoVantage shows that 47% of cryptocurrency investors expect Ether to surpass Bitcoin in the next 12 months.
• Prominent figures like Cathie Wood, CEO of ARKInvest, are bullish on Bitcoin and predict that the digital currency could reach $1.5 million per coin in the long term.
• To catch up with Bitcoin, Ether will need to increase its value and trading volume significantly in the coming months.

Ether Poised to ‘Flippen’ Bitcoin

According to a recent survey conducted by CryptoVantage, 47% of crypto investors predict that Ethereum (Ether) could dethrone Bitcoin as the most valuable digital currency in the near future. Despite this optimistic outlook for Ether, some prominent figures are still bullish on Bitcoin and remain confident that it will remain at the top position for a while longer.

Bitcoin Sentiments Remain Positive

Prominent figures like Cathie Wood, CEO of ARKInvest, remain positive about Bitcoin’s prospects and have made bold price predictions for it reaching $1.5 million per coin in the long term. This is based on her belief that Bitcoin is a hedge against counterparty risk due to its decentralized nature and immune to banking crisis seen recently back in March.

What Does Ether Have to Do?

For Ether to overtake bitcoin from its current position as second-most valued digital currency it needs to record significant increases both in terms of value and trading volume over the next few months. Currently, Ethereum (Ether) is valued at $1,900 while Bitcoin trades above $30,000; so Ether has plenty of ground to cover before it can claim the top spot from bitcoin.

Will Ether Catch up With Bitcoin?

The success of Ethereum (Ether) ultimately depends on how much confidence investors have in it as well as their willingness to invest more into it than they do with other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currencies such as USD or EURO. There is no doubt that Ethereum has potential but whether or not it will be able to match or even overtake bitcoin remains uncertain at this point but time will tell if this prediction comes true or not..


Cryptocurrency investors seem confident that Ethereum (Ether) has potential and could possibly dethrone bitcoin from its current position as lead digital currency within 12 months time; however there are also some who remain skeptical about this prediction given just how dominant bitcoin currently is within crypto markets today. Only time will tell which cryptocurrency will become king!