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Bitstamp Teases Big XRP Announcement: Crypto Community Ecstatic

• Bitstamp, a Luxembourg-based crypto exchange, has teased a big XRP announcement.
• The XRP community has been speculating what the announcement could be.
• Ripple, which recently acquired a minority stake in Bitstamp, has a deep relationship with the exchange.

Bitstamp Teases Big XRP Announcement

Crypto exchange Bitstamp has tweeted a short video clip with the caption “Tomorrow” and XRP-related hashtags, sparking speculation among members of the XRP community about what the announcement could be.

XRP Community Guessing Announcement

The tweet contains a short video clip that hints that it is about to take XRP to the next level. Panos, founder of Digital Generation Finance suspected that Bitstamp is likely planning to announce a full integration of XRPL or DEX connected to order books. Another user identified as “wEeZiE” stated that Bitstamp has operated as the gateway to facilitate access to the Ripple network.

Bitstamp & Ripple’s Deep Relationship

Bitstamp is known for having a partnership with Ripple by acting as a gateway for the blockchain company. It has been granting clients entry into RippleNet as a partner for Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL). As previously reported, Ripple and other whales have been moving a huge amount of XRP in recent days.

Ripple Stake Acquisition in BitStamp

Ripple president Monica Long said their recent stake acquisition in European crypto exchange BitStamps will help further grow their international presence and diversification beyond payments. The speculation among users is whether this teaser could be related to it or not – we’ll find out tomorrow!

Price Surge Ahead?

Per analysis, the “so-called” announcement could likely set up asset up for price surge – but only time will tell!